Ohio Cracks Down On Illegal Games Of Chance

The Attorney General Jim Petro wants to remind the people and the law enforcement officials in the locales that operators and players of the “skill-based amusement machines” or more commonly known as “Skill Games” may be disobeying the rule of law which states that if these gaming machines might be gambling equipment like the Slot Machines which are a forbidden on the Ohio Revise Code as “Scheme of Chance”. A scheme of Chance is defined in the laws of the state of Ohio as “a slot machine or other scheme in which a player gives importance for the chance to win a prize but does not include a skill based gaming machine. Using a gambling device is also against the state laws for liquor permit holders.

Attorney General Jim Petro’s have assisted the Ohio Department of Public Safety win a state liquor control commission ruling back in April 2006 that the amusement machines, appropriately named “Tic Tac Fruit” which are operated by a Fraternal Order of Eagles that are lodge in Pomeroy were in fact considered as electronic video gambling machines. The Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie 2171, which carries a liquor permit holder, has appealed the commission’s ruling to the Franklin County Common Pleas Court, where it is still being heard. The Public Safety department, which is considered a statutory client of the Attorney General. They are the department that is responsible for investigating violations of the states liquor and rules. With the help of an expert testimony, Both Attorney General Jim Petro and the Public Safety Department successfully defended that the whole outcome of the play on the ‘Tic Tac Fruit’ gaming machines including the how much you could win and the losses, was determined by luck rather than the players own skill and the whole machine was made to guarantee a return of the profit to the operator regardless the level of the player’s skills regarding games of chance.

But the difference, under the state law, a gaming machine is not illegal if it really brings out the player’s skill in winning the game and if the player has a bigger part in the whole game and the outcome will not only be determined by pure chance and the outcome is not controlled bty rhe player who do not have any active participation in the game. Both the Attorney General and the public safety department also won …

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