Gov. Schwarzenegger Gives Approval

One of California’s richest tribes plans to open a third casino in the Palm Springs area, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is planning to announce a deal Tuesday, August 8. An expected deal is to close between Schwarzenegger and the Agua Caliente band of Cahuilla Indians that would permit the tribe to open with up to 5,000 Slot Machines.

Currently the tribe has an authorized 2,000 slot machines in its two casinos. Last year, they were the governor’s antagonists.

Nancy Conrad, Agua Caliente’s press secretary said, “The tribe would not be signing a deal tomorrow if we weren’t happy with this. I think it is a good deal on several different fronts.”

Under Administration officials’ conditions, they should not be identified, noting that the deal remains unsigned. But there is an agreement said the tribe’s representative.

Having spent $17 million on state campaigns since 2004, Agua is among the most politically active tribes in the nation. By signing a deal with Agua, Schwarzenegger ensures that the band will not spend any of its millions to unseat him in the November election.

Under the new arrangement, Agua will increase its payment to the state for its slot machines by several million dollars annually, from current $11.9 million to an increase of $23.4 million.…

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 Former School Worker Wins $2 Million

On March 14, 2007, Marguerit Pittman, a former school district worker from the Pemberton Township, won a total of $2.4 million while playing the Wheel of Fortune slot machine at the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa.

Ms. Pittman just needed $0.05 to play at the machines. She first visited the Borgata casino last April and returned at least once a month. Just last month she experienced some luck at the casino slots and used the voucher she won from her previous trip.

Pittman had around $800 at one point, yet she continued to lose. But her luck changed around 2:30 a.m. when she changed her seat. She recalls that she decided to change her seat to see if she could change her luck and she did on the very next pull. Pittman said that the machine started flashing the message “call the attendant” and at first she was scared, but that emotion quickly switched to happiness when Pittman called the attendants. They came to the machine and verified that she had won the jackpot!

62 year-old Pittman retired from her clerical job at the Pemberton School District almost 3 years ago. She currently lives in Brown Mills, New Jersey. She plans to take a vacation with her husband and give some money to her children and grandchildren. According to Pittman, her awesome win still hasn’t sunk in. She said that she believed her good fortune when she actually saw the money. Pittman added that her family is really happy about her win.…

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 Ex-Pittsburgh Councilman Sala Udin

On April 3, 2007, Ex-Pittsburgh City Councilman, Sala Udin, announced to state legislators that the official slot machines license supplier does not have any power because the legislation change of the law in the middle of the slots game.

Sala Udin, Head of Gaming Ventures LLC, commented that the state should pay back the $25,000 to his company and thousands of dollars to the other suppliers because the state legislature removed the main requirement that the casinos should buy their own machines from licensed suppliers.

The expenses that the company incurred included state fees, as well as legal and start-up expenses. Udin said that they have followed all the rules. But last year, the gambling reform law passed by the legislation reduced the value of their supplier’s license.

The slots law of 2004 will require the casinos to acquire their machines through the supplier and not from the manufacturers. Groups in favor of the law said that it will help create jobs in Pennsylvania.

However, with the change in the laws last year, the legislature decided to remove the middle man, saying that many them were politically connected and that the added cost was unnecessary. The slot suppliers said that they have a license to provide the casinos which they can acquire without their help.

Don DeCarbo, President of Parkside Gaming Inc. in New Castle, asked why a manufacturer would utilize a supplier when they can discuss business directly with the casinos?

According to Susan Hensel, Director of Licensing for the Gaming Control Board, there are about 16 companies who have a supplier license. The legislators seemed supportive of paying the companies back the $25,000 licensing cost, but will not do so until they talk to the 10 other businesses with supplier licenses.

Sala Udin commented that he knows about 5 companies that have spent about $800,000. He said that these expenses will continue to grow as most of the suppliers come out. Udin stated that they are thinking of any legal possibilities that they can use.

Rep. Will Gabig, a Republican from Carlisle, commented that the companies should shoulder some of the cost, like the lawyers’ fees. He said that there is no guarantee in these matters so the companies should not expect much.…

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 Ultimate Roulette System

Samuel Blankson, the developer of the Ultimate Roulette System, has released a trial version of his reknowned Roulette Gambling software.

The trial version of Ultimate Roulette System was not available in the gambling market before because the previous owner tried to restrict the circulation of Ultimate Roulette System.

Ultimate Roulette System will allow roulette players the chance to win at roulette on a daily basis. They can earn income, invest their money and have a guaranteed return of income by playing roulette and using the Ultimate Roulette System.

However due to the demand from the gambling world, the Ultimate Roulette System and the Super Ultimate Roulette System are now also available for trial versions.

The trial versions offer one quarter of the complete retail versions. And though on the trial version, some of the features are disabled, the roulette player can still experience how the Ultimate Roulette System and the Super Roulette System really works.

The URS uses a single dozen bet while the Super URS uses a double dozen bet. Both systems are well tested and they really give accurate results as they use a stake list and automatic stake management system.

Using the system the players can generate income on a daily basis that can range from ten percent to one hundred percent winnings.…

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 Roulette Winnings in June Drop

The Gaming Control Board announced that the gaming revenues for the month of June have dropped.

The roulette wins in Las Vegas casinos had a drop of nineteen percent while statewide roulette dropped by more than fourteen percent.

Despite the roulette decline, the board announced that the roulette wins statewide were more than twenty three million dollars to which over seventeen million dollars was from the Las Vegas casinos.

Gov. Kenny Guinn said that the decrease in roulette wins and other casino games are blamed on increasing gas prices.

Frank Streshley of the Nevada State Gaming Board Control said that he had not discussed it with the casinos in the rural areas but according to him the Las Vegas casinos are still strong and positive about the industry.

According to the figures, baccarat is the only game that has soared with twenty two percent or an equivalent of more than forty one million dollars.

Aside from the Roulette Games, the slot wins have dropped to a seven percent low on the Strip while craps had a thirty three percent decline statewide and a forty one percent decrease on the Strip.

Meanwhile, blackjack had over eighteen percent decline statewide and a twenty six percent drop on the Strip.…

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